About our Pre-Prep Program - Be PREPared

Our Pre-Prep Program, 'Be PREPared' is created for children who may be considering attending Bullarto Primary School for their Prep year in 2019. The Pre-Prep Program runs in Terms 3 and 4, the year before the children commence Prep. By attending several Be PREPared 2 hour sessions, the children will gain new skills, make friends, become accustomed to the school routines and get to know the staff. Our Pre-Prep program is facilitated by a Registered Teacher with specialised knowledge and experience in teaching Prep students.



Jo Pegg - Principal

Phone: (03) 53485559

Email: bullarto.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au

Address: 131 Bullarto Sth Road, Bullarto VIC 3461

The Benefits of Pre-Prep

Our Pre-Prep program, Be PREPared is designed to make the transition to school much easier for your child. The program will enable your child to:

- Be orientated to the prep classroom and school grounds.

- Become familiar with prep routines and expectations.

- Meet the teachers before starting school next year.

- Participate in early literacy and numeracy experiences.

- Build gross motor and fine motor movement skills.

- Participate in early foundational learning programs.

- Form friendships with other children in their year level.

We will be offering a parent information session on topics such as helping your child read, nutrition, managing children's behaviour, reader program, handwriting etc. This session will run on the 1st Pre-Prep session from 11:00-11:30.

  • Be PREPared Dates
  • First 9 sessions are from 9:00am - 11:00am
  • - Session 1 -
      Wednesday 25th
  • - Session 2 -
      Wednesday 1st
  • - Session 3 -
      Wednesday 15th
  • - Session 4 -
      Wednesday 29th
  • - Session 5 -
      Wednesday 12th
  • - Session 6 -
      Wednesday 10th
  • - Session 7 -
      Wednesday 24th
  • - Session 8 -
      Wednesday 7th
  • - Session 9 -
      Wednesday 21st
  • There will also be a State-wide Transition Day on
  • - Session 10 -
      Tuesday 11th
  • from 9:00am - 2:00pm